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It is often thought drawing is reserved for those who have the gift. The truth is drawing can be enjoyed by everyone. When you break drawing down into its simplest forms, you end up with five elements of shape. These  elements fall into five families which consist of dots, circles, straight lines, curved lines and angled lines.

 As soon as you can identify these families you can draw anything. My goal is to free people from their preconceived ideas that drawing is something unattainable so that they can use drawing for its intended purpose and that is to communicate a thought.

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Our school provides an opportunity to develop and strengthen observational, interpretation and critical thinking skills, to analyse and see multiple perspectives. It enhances focus and enriches imagination in a fun and collaborative environment.

Because we offer small classes we are able to tailor to each individual student enhancing their experience.

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About Robin Haws


Animals kids and art sum up my early years. I was fortunate to be a part of a family that encouraged and enabled me to follow my dreams. After high school I studied illustration at Sheridan College and earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts with a major in painting at Nova Scotia College of Art and Design.

My environment has always played an enormous part in my life although my roots travelled from Waterloo Ontario to Bedford, Nova Scotia. There is no other place I would consider home.

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Parent and Tots

Let's get down and dirty! These classes will help fine tune  your little ones motor skills in preparation for school and allow for fun exploration of many types of different materials. 

kids  (8-12)

You learn all day, but rest assured that this is different. You will have so much fun learning to create ubercool things , you won't even miss your ipod. We promise. 

teens (12-17)

Do you feel, that there are some things in this world that can't be described in words? Is your mind filled with ideas that are bursting to come out? Would you like to learn how to express them visually? Your art, your way. We are just here to help you get started.  


Did you know that Cézanne only found success in his fifties?  Grandma Moses outdid him, as she only started to paint in her seventies. Come and have some fun finding out if you have a dormant talent.  We offer evening and weekend courses. Beginners, naturally, are very welcome and strongly encouraged.