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It is often thought drawing is reserved for those who have the gift. The truth is drawing can be enjoyed by everyone. When you break drawing down into its simplest forms, you end up with five elements of shape. These elements fall into five families which consist of dots, circles, straight lines, curved lines and angled lines. As soon as you can identify these families you can draw anything.

My goal is to free people from their preconceived ideas that drawing is something unattainable, so that they can use drawing for its intended purpose and that is to communicate a thought.


Everyone’s Gift

They say a picture is worth 1000 words. I say a picture is worth 1000 languages, and can travel over thousands of barriers. The simplest way to justify the importance of art is to ask yourself what would the world be without it. The greatest gift you can give yourself or your child are the tools to communicate. What better tool than the tool that has the ability to communicate to all people of all languages and to all abilities.

Be it a painting that beautifies your home,  a picture book you enjoy with a small child, or a tour through an art gallery, we have all been touched by the magic of art.


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