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Robin Haws: My Journey

Animals, kids and art sum up my early years. I was fortunate to be a part of a family that encouraged and enabled me to follow my dreams. After high school, I started my journey as an artist by studying illustration at Sheridan College and earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts with a major in painting from the Nova Scotia  College of Art and Design (NSCAD).

My environment has always shaped my art and my life.  Although my roots are in Waterloo, Ontario it is Nova Scotia that I consider as my home as it holds a charm and beauty that I have yet to encounter anywhere else.


After university I opened a successful art school for kids in Bedford. Back then my school was known as the Red Rooster School of Art. It not only inspired my own art work, but being around so many great kids, it also encouraged me to start a family of my own. Which is exactly what I did.

After being torn between two inspirational journeys, I chose to close the art school to raise my three terrific kids Isabella, Clara, and Tessa. Now that they have grown to an age of independence and are developing their own sense of self, I am again finding the freedom to explore my other passion.

My girls have taught me that art has more relevance today than ever before, which in turn has inspired me to once again open a school for art. This time around, the plan is to cater not only to children and youth, but also to adults.

Art has developed my critical thinking and observational skills, my ability to interpret, communicate and analyse the world around me. It has allowed me to examine beauty, proportion grace and has given me the gift of imagination. It has been a fantastic journey so far. 

I am eager and excited to share my abilities and knowledge and equally passionate to develop a space that not only nurtures creativity but exudes imagination.

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